Purple Bone Enrichment Lick Mat


Keep your furry friend entertained and healthy while indoors with our licking mats!

Our link mats are ideal for dogs and cats to reduce stress and provide much-needed mental stimulation, especially when physical activity is insufficient. This could be an excellent alternative if you must go to work and keep your pets entertained until you return.

You only need a little peanut butter, plain yogurt, banana, or raw food to spread onto the mat to animate your pet to get the tempting spread off the mat.

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Innovative Licking Surface: Our mat features a specially designed textured surface that stimulates your dog’s taste buds and provides a delightful sensory experience. The unique patterns encourage your furry friend to engage in slow, mindful licking, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

Stress-Relief & Anxiety Reduction: Many dogs experience anxiety during mealtime or in stressful situations

Promotes Dental Health: The licking action promotes saliva production, which helps to cleanse your dog’s mouth naturally.

Mealtime Enrichment: Make mealtime more exciting and mentally stimulating for your furry friend. It will keep your dog entertained, engaged, and mentally challenged, whether you’re spreading peanut butter, yogurt, or their favourite soft treats on the mat.

Whether it’s a daily meal, a training reward, or a relaxing treat time, this mat will become essential to your dog’s routine, keeping them happy, healthy, and entertained.

Material: Food-grade 100% silicone & BPA