Coco + Bondi is where happy and healthy pets meet pampered parents!

We understand that your furry friend is family, and that’s why we offer premium, handmade, and thoughtfully sourced pet products designed with your pet’s well-being and your convenience in mind. 

At Coco and Bondi, you will discover essential items that are both trendy and practical so your furry friends can look and feel stylish while staying comfortable. We go beyond the ordinary with products that keep boredom at bay, including stimulating puzzles, lick mats, slow feeders, and toys. We also offer products to make caring for your pet a breeze, such as comfortable harnesses, easy-clean blankets, and travel accessories. Our exclusive, selected hands-free leashes and accessories prioritise both comfort and style. We use only top-quality, pet-safe materials, so you can spoil your fur baby with peace of mind.

Join the Coco + Bondi family and explore our shop to find the perfect products to enhance your pet parenting journey!

Puppy Kisses,

Johanna, CEO and Founder

Hey! My name is Johanna, and I'm the Founder of Coco + Bondi. Coco + Bondi is a small online business created in 2022 from scratch with passion and love. With an intense love and devotion for animals, Coco + Bondi is aware of the love and significance a fur child can bring to a household. Our goal at Coco + Bondi is to pamper your companion by providing the most gorgeous, comfortable, and high-quality handmade pet accessories. At Coco + Bondi we take pleasure in using sustainable, eco-friendly materials in our products to safeguard the health and welfare of animals. Nothing makes us happier than seeing your pets show off our Coco + Bondi accessories and using our toys. Welcome to our Coco + Bondi family. Puppy kisses, Johanna
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